keynote programs

"Dynamic Enough for ANY Audience.

Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Youth Speaker Morris Morrison, Best conference keynote

"Either Morris Morrison will DISRUPT your old ideas, or the market will DISRUPT you anyway. Morris has me excited, and ready to own my results for another year of success! - Keynote Attendee

"He's Never Delivered The Same Program Twice.


"We haver never seen another speaker who was willing to customize programs to the level that Morris does. We've hired him multiple time for our bank, and I can personally say that his message gets better every time, because they are customized! - Midwest Banking Customer

College Programs

"I've Seen Him 3 Times!


"Morris Morrison's message for College Students is simple: Vision, Leadership, & Fearless transition into careers that will allow students to make an impact!

"Impacting Students Beyond Campus.


"From lecture series events, to conference keynotes for student leaders, first generation students, greeks, athletes, med schools, law schools and beyond. 

Youth Programs

"A Community Approach.


"Morris Morrison's life was saved because he was surrounded by a community that encouraged his growth and held him accountable. Today he brings the same energy and approach to schools and students.

Elementary. Middle & High School


"Youth challenges today can be solved. Starting with a balanced approach to social media, student mental health, diet & fitness and leadership - it's up to each of us to create expectations and support student achievement.